Employee benefits

We provide advice and back-up in designing your group insurance programme. We build solutions for you that are in line with your salary arrangements and adapted to the needs of your workforce, to the benefit of your employees.


Income protection insurance

Income protection insurance covers you if you temporarily have no income as a result of a health problem. If you are freelancer or with a liberal profession then you have to fend for yourself in the event of sickness or accident since the Social Security scheme only cuts in after 4 months off work. Income protection insurance helps you avoid financial worry.

Group health insurance

A "medicis" group health plan provides the protection and comfort level your staff need when it comes to medical expenses cover. Nowadays, with the State schemes providing less and less cover a group health insurance plan makes your company more attractive. It helps reduce the burden of medical expenses which is weighing ever more heavily on household budgets.

Group life insurance

A company pension scheme enables you to provide your staff with attractive extra-legal advantages. "Advantis" is a complete and adaptable range of covers that enable you to build up extra retirement savings in the form of a lump-sum or annuity benefit and also includes various personal protection extra covers (death, disability, accident).