Property damage

The "reebou pro" business insurance package is a complete programme of covers that are indispensable for ensuring you stay in business and can continue trading in the event of an unexpected harsh blow. We recommend a periodic review of your insurances to avoid nasty surprises and the risk of under-insurance.


Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance covers your rented or owned premises and their contents (including any goods in care, custody or control) against destruction or damage as a result of the various perils insured.

Credit insurance

Credit insurance protects your company's cash flow against payment default by your customers. Bad management of accounts receivable problems is the cause of nearly 50% of company failures. Buying protection against the insolvency of your customers is therefore vital.

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance pays you compensation for loss of revenue after a loss and makes immediate cash advances to help you restart your business. It also provides cover to reach the profit you would have earned if the loss had not occurred.

Contractors all risk insurance

Contractors all risks insurance is designed for the building industry. It covers the contractor for material damage relating to the construction works and site preparation. All risks insurance not only covers losses suffered by the insured but also property damage caused to third parties.